Leadership Lessons on Barnabas

Principles in Barnabas’ life that impact ministry today

  • What are the lessons we can learn for our personal growth?
  • How does it relate to the ministry that we do? 



1. The Son of encouragement

  • He was others centered, humble, and brought everything and everyone around him up a level.

  • His name was Joseph but his name was changed to match his character (Son of encouragement). 

2. Barnabas was one of the greats

  • Position does not guarantee you influence but influence will always guarantee you a position.

  • If you strive for position and politic, that does not mean that you will have the influence necessary to hold even the positions you have.

  • Everyone appreciates and recognizes influence.

  • One of the rules of influence is that everyone has value in your life.

    • One of the dumbest statements that has ever been made is to say, “I see potential in you”.

    • Everyone has potential…if you can’t see it, you are not fit for ministry.

    • We all remember who Saul was and how horrible of an individual he was.

    • Can you even imagine being the guy who brings Saul to the apostles

3. Invest in others beyond what you see now

  • This is a requirement in investing in others.
  • If you are investing just to what you can see, you will never be able to fully develop the investment.
  • Barnabas had to listen to the Lord and invest way beyond what Saul looked like at the time to what he would become in the future.
  • Influence is when you are investing heavily in someone before anybody see’s value in then and because of it; everyone will see their value.

4. Trust God in the assignment given

  • God’s going to give you some assignments with people that you are not going to understand.
  • Your understanding is not needed for your obedience.

5. He was all about people

  • Who are you investing in right now that when you do it, you take heat? 
  • Is anyone questioning why you are “wasting time” on a certain person?
  • We should have at least one person in our life like this.
  • The payday comes here when that person hits a home run…it is much more rewarding to watch someone you love to hit a home run than for you to succeed.

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